BLINK and HAN combined

Starting firmware 2.1.4, it is possible to read both BLINK power values and all HAN values in parallel, giving you both faster response times (faster than every 10s) and full detail snapshots.
This is useful if you are doing load balancing or high frequency appliance analysis.

You can enable the BLINK+HAN mode in the web interface.

Hi @ola_stopgap

I have enabled BLINK+HAN and reading Vattenfalls S34U18, unfortunately the S34U18 is not ideally designed for BLINK. :stuck_out_tongue: Several LED´s in a row with a gap to the clear plastic casing makes the sensor register more or less any pulse from any LED.

Would it be possible to add a field to input a threshold value for the sensor in order to possibly filter the “false trues”? Not sure it actually will help and/or is possible to distinct the actual LED from the others without a second sensor to filter out light from the surrounding area, but it would be interesting to try the threshold theory.

Could also be that i need to install some kind of thicker bracket with a hole for the sensor on your device and simply make it harder for the other LED´s to hit the sensor, but there is a clear possibility that the light is reflected to much as is due to the design of the casing for SU34U18.