Device online but still not updating the cloud or MQTT broker


After the issue with the certificate on the 20th of September my device is still not updating the “cloud portal” nor my MQTT broker, the local interface to the device say it is online in the “Device state” but the power and energy status is showing as “Loading”.
Also in the local interface the Device logs are flooded with “lineBuf OVERFLOW 255(255)” not sure it has anything to do with it, but can’t remember seeing that messages before.

When I look at the “Currently seen” graph from Home Assistant and also on the history in the APP it was actually working for a short time after the new certificate was issued, started at 18:15 and stopped at 19:00 yesterday.

Did try to restart the device but first time it did not respond to the restart from the App or the local interface, had to go out and disconnect the cable, after that it did send something to the cloud for a very short moment, as some values in the app got updated, but no “live” data, just that one update that did get trough.


2023-09-21 08_41_55-History – Home Assistant

Hi Mårten,
for some reason your L+G E360 meter does not spin well with firmware 1.9.16. I have set your device to roll back to 1.9.11, which it will do on next restart.

Thanks Ola,

I did a restart and now it is working again, since it has been running on 1.9.16 for some weeks without any issue, maybe e.on did do something with the meter yesterday?
Do see a lot of “skipped cloudState 0W 2023-09-21T08:31:40+0100” in the Device logs now, this might be due to the solar roof is producing more than we consume at the time.

Let me know if you need any help with testing new firmware versions for my meter.


I have the same problem, keeps flooding lineBuf OVERFLOW, and updates on app/home assistant/webpage are patchy at best.

Some update,

Got impressive fast help from Ola (and the support team?), they issued a rollback on the firmware from 1.9.16 to 1.9.11 and after that it started to work again. It had been working without any issues on 1.9.16 until yesterday at 19:00.
If only the support from the vendors I have to deal with in my daytime job would be half this good, my life would be so nice, so a big thanks to Ola and the CurrentlyOne support team, not sure how many you are.

@bjorn, if you have the same meter from e.on as I do, a Landis+Gyr E360, then maybe e.on did something with the meter yesterday.



I got a firmware rollback too, and it seems to work again. Mine also stopped at 19 yesterday, interestingly enough.
I have a different meter though, so it’s most likely not that. Aidon 6534/6442SE from Tekniska Verken.

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