Firmware 2.4.3 (Cloud Mode)

Starting firmware 2.4 there is now a new device setting called Cloud Mode. It comes with three different options:

  1. Full: Previous and default behaviour. All changes in power and appliances states are sent to the cloud server, and can be viewed in the app remotely.
    The purpose of this option is to be able to use the mobile app, both locally (at Home network) and remotely.
  2. Appliances: Only changes to appliance states are sent to the cloud server. Configurations of device and appliances are read from the server on device boot.
    The purpose of this option is to make use of Appliances, but consume the data locally, e.g. in Home Assistant.
  3. Local Only: Limited configuration only is read from the server on device boot. This request is best-effort, meaning that the device starts even if the config request is unsuccessful.
    The purpose of this option is to receive firmware upgrades automatically.

For the time being, the setting can be seen and changed in the web interface only.

Hej Ola!

Im having issue getting my Currently one working.
I thought my problem was a bad Wifi connection, but now I moved it closer to my wifi and also added USB power to it (using a 3m Rj12 cable). It shows some values occasionally but then it disconnects.
I tried to update to the latest version, I have 2.1.9, but it won’t update… I have tried FOTA, file upload and CURL, app and web GUI? It does not respond to factory reset in web GUI or on the button?
Any advice to get it working?
Best regards

Hej Lars,
in order to help, I need to know your email address used in your app account, or your deviceId, e.g. 3c680779cf58. Please respond in a PM.

Ola på Currently