Sensors and Devices in streamed data

Currently One exposes the following sensors and devices in the data streams, either EventSource or MQTT:

From the electricity meter

  • Active Imported 3-phase Power (1.7.0) as power_DEVICEID (W)
  • Active Exported 3-phase Power (2.7.0) as negative power_DEVICEID (W)
  • Reactive Imported 3-phase Power (3.7.0) as R_DEVICEID (VAr)
  • Reactive Exported 3-phase Power (4.7.0) as negative R_DEVICEID (VAr)
  • Active Imported 3-phase Energy (1.8.0) as total_DEVICEID (Wh)
  • Active Exported 3-phase Energy (2.8.0) as Ph_DEVICEID (Wh)
  • Reactive Imported 3-phase Energy (3.8.0) as Rh_DEVICEID (VArh)
  • Reactive Exported 3-phase Energy (4.8.0) as Qh_DEVICEID (VArh)

Then, for each phase L1/L2/L3:

  • Active Imported Power (21/41/61.7.0) as L1_DEVICEID (W)
  • Active Exported Power (22/42/62.7.0) as P1_DEVICEID (W)
  • Reactive Imported Power (23/43/63.7.0) as R1_DEVICEID (VAr)
  • Reactive Exported Power (24/44/64.7.0) as Q1_DEVICEID (VAr)
  • Net Current (31/51/71.7.0) as I1_DEVICEID (A)
  • Voltage (32/52/72.7.0) as U1_DEVICEID (V)

Optionally, from the LED pulse (when in BLINK+HAN mode)

  • Active Imported Power as blink_DEVICEID (W)
  • Active Imported Energy as bWh_DEVICEID (Wh)

From the Currently One CPU:

  • Timestamp as time_DEVICEID (seconds since 1970)
  • Boot timestamp as boot_DEVICEID (seconds since 1970)

All of the above sensors are related to a “Currently One” device with attributes

  "device": {
    "identifiers": [
    "name": "Currently One 3c690779cf58",
    "model": "Currently One",
    "manufacturer": "Stopgap AB",
    "sw_version": "2.1.9"

where 3c690779cf58 is DEVICEID in this example.

For each appliance

  • Total Energy used as total_IDPREFIX (Wh)
  • Current Power as power_IDPREFIX (W)
  • binary_sensor for ON/OFF as IDPREFIX
    all of the above sensors are related to a device for the appliance, with attributes
  "device": {
    "identifiers": [
    "name": "Wine Cooler",
    "model": "EGnszJqxlbqF18npW2oF",
    "manufacturer": "wine-coolers",
    "sw_version": "1697795233"

where “wine_cool” is IDPREFIX in this example.